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it’s more than just roasting, it’s art!

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Carl’s Coffee Roastery is a quality-focused business that continues to be dedicated to giving all South Africans the speciality coffee that they deserve. With a 20-year foundation of roasting & brewing we are hands on with what we do, understanding every detail of our craft, from running our own roastery & coffee shop right through to selling the machines and accessories that you need to make our perfectly roasted beans come to life.

We do all the research and understanding so that you don’t have to, we make it easy to buy everything you need from one place so that every cup of coffee you have at home, serve to your customers or employees is the perfect cup of coffee.

Services we offer

Rent to buy coffee machines

We are partners with some of the best coffee machine brands in the world and we’ll be able to supply you with the machine that would suit your specific needs while keeping your budget in mind, this option gives you what you need with our expert assistance along the way.

Coffee Equipment supply

Making coffee is more than just the machine and the beans, we can supply you or your business with everything in between too.

Bulk coffee Supply

We can bulk supply you or your business with hand roasted single origin or blended coffee, whether you need a 1kg bag or a few, we can assist you with all your bulk coffee supply needs.

Barista Training

With a three day course, we can give your barista the skills needed to make the best cup of coffee to serve to your customers.

coffee ORIGINS 

We offer many single-origin coffees which carry their own distinct flavours from their growing regions & blends which have been formulated over many years of testing that bring together coffees from different growing regions, these coffee beans,
when combined, complement each other, and provide next level flavour experiences

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06:30 am – 14:00 pm



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295 Galway Ave, Galway Centre,
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